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The LocAle scheme was created by CAMRA in 2007 to help support local brewing traditions. The scheme brings with it a number of benefits for the pub, their customers, the local economy as well as the environment. A pub can be accredited to the scheme if they endeavour to ensure that at least one locally brewed real ale is on sale at all times and that the real ale is sold is of good quality. You can find out more by going to http://www.camra.org.uk/locale.

What do we mean by a "locally brewed real ale"? Because of the unique position of our branch, in the far South-Eastern tip of England, we are adopting the definition that a 'local' real ale is one that has been brewed by any Kent brewery.

Here's a list of the pubs in our branch that have signed up to the LocAle scheme.

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Wrong Turn,Barfrestone Wrong Turn
Pie Factory Road

07522 554118

Real ales are primarily from Kent breweries.

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Carpenters Arms,Coldred Carpenters Arms
The Green

(01304) 830190

At least one real ale from a Kent brewery.

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blank The Deal Hoy
16 Duke Street

(01304) 363972

Shepherd Neame's regular and seasonal beers on offer.

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Farrier,Deal The Farrier
90 Manor Road

(01304) 360080

Beers from the Ripple Steam Brewery are served

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Just Reproach,Deal The Just Reproach
14 King Street


Real ales from a wide variety of Kent breweries

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Ship Inn,Deal The Ship Inn
141 Middle Street

(01304) 372222

Ales from the Ramsgate brewery feature

Blakes of Dover,Dover Blakes of Dover
52 Castle Street

(01304) 202194

The house bitter, Blakes Bitter, is brewed by the Millis Brewery

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Eight Bells,Dover The Eight Bells
19 Cannon Street

(01304) 205030

There are usually two real ales from Kent breweries each week.

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Lanes,Dover The Lanes
15 Worthington Street

(01304) 213474

Variety of ales from Kent brewers

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Louis Armstrong,Dover Louis Armstrong
58 Maison Dieu Road

(01304) 204759

Hopdaemon Skrimshander is featured regularly. Beers from other Kent breweries are also served, including Ramsgate, Westerham, Old Dairy, Goachers and Wantsum.

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Mash Tun,Dover Mash Tun
3 Bench Street

(01304) 219590

Features regular ales from Westerham and Hopdaemon

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Five Bells,Eastry The Five Bells
The Cross

(01304) 611188

Wantsum Black Prince is served

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Crown Inn,Finglesham The Crown Inn
The Street

(01304) 612555

Ales from a variety of Kent breweries, including Canterbury Ales and Ripple Steam.

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Fitzwalter Arms,Goodnestone Fitzwalter Arms
The Street

(01304) 840303

Features Shepherd Neame Master Brew and Whitstable Pale Ale plus the occasional seasonal ale

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King's Head,Kingsdown King's Head
Upper Street

(01304) 373915

Ales from Goachers and Ramsgate breweries are usually available.

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Zetland Arms,Kingsdown Zetland Arms
Wellington Parade

(01304) 370114

Serves a range of real ales from the Shepherd Neame brewery, including seasonal and occasional guest ales.

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Plough Inn,Ripple The Plough Inn
Church Lane

(01304) 360209

The Plough is the brewery tap of the Ripple Steam Brewery, so always features at least one beer from the brewery

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Admiral Owen,Sandwich The Admiral Owen
8 High Street

(01304) 617771

Beers from a variety of Kent breweries are featured, including Ramsgate, Goody's & Time & Tide. KeyKeg ales from Time & Tide are also available.

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Crispin Inn,Sandwich The Crispin Inn
4 High Street

(01304) 621967

Beers from a variety of Kent breweries are featured, including Ramsgate, Hopdaemon and Whitstable. They also have their own house beer brewed by Mad Cat.

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George & Dragon,Sandwich The George & Dragon
24 Fisher Street

(01304) 613106

Ales from the Wantsum brewery feature.

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Red Cow,Sandwich The Red Cow
12 Moat Sole

(01304) 613399

A beer from the Ramsgate Brewery usually features

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Fox,Temple Ewell The Fox
14 High Street
Temple Ewell

(01304) 823598

An ale from Shepherd Neame typically features

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Berry,Walmer The Berry
23 Canada Road

(01304) 362411

Permanently serves Key Keg ales from Time and Tide, as well as beers from a range of Kent breweries.

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Freed Man,Walmer Freed Man
329 Dover Road

(01304) 364457

Beers from a wide range of Kent breweries

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Lighthouse,Walmer The Lighthouse
50 The Strand

(01304) 366031

Features ales from Wantsum & Ripple Steam

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Please let us know if any of the information on this page is incorrect, as things are always changing and we are not always the first to find out. Email your information to the Pubs Officer

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